One of the best things about traveling to new places is tasting delicious food in local restaurants. Every place has something that makes its cuisine distinctively theirs and unique. But the key is knowing what restaurants are a must-visit before arriving at the destination. That way, you will get the most out of your time there because you won’t have to waste it looking for a good restaurant. Take Punta Gorda, for example. It’s a beautiful city in Southwest Florida with gorgeous beaches. It is filled with restaurants, especially those that make great seafood specialties. So it’s safe to say that a quick weekend trip to Florida won’t be enough to taste it all. Having a list of the best local eats in Punta Gorda is a must. And that’s where we come in to help. We will tell you where to get the most delicious food in Punta Gorda.

A few words about Punta Gorda

Before we tell you about the best local eats in Punta Gorda, here is some basic information about this charming place. As we previously said, it is a city in Southwest Florida located on the Charlotte Harbor, giving it a gorgeous view. Its warm weather, beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, low crime rates, and tight community make it a popular place to move to. Especially, for those looking for peace and relaxation, like retirees.

If you are one of those people moving to Punta Gorda and hiring residential movers in FL, just know that you will be warmly welcomed. Even though the experts can get you settled here, the Punta Gorda community will be there to help you with anything you need. It’s just the way people are here. But the most important fact for us is that Punta Gorda has many excellent restaurants, which we will focus on.


Laishley Crab House

As we already said, Punta Gorda is known for its seafood specialties, so let us start with one of the best seafood restaurants in Florida, Laishley Crab House. This restaurant has been serving delicious food to locals and tourists since 2009, showing no signs of stopping. If you ever find yourself in Punta Gorda, make this the first restaurant you visit. It has a fantastic menu filled with delicious seafood dishes.

A plate of oysters.

The incredible seafood makes Laishley Crab house one of the best local eats in Punta Gorda.

First, for an appetizer, you can choose from various tasty meals such as Avocado Crab Salad or Coconut Shrimp. Then for the main course, you will get to try some classics like Seafood Risotto or Shrimp Alfredo. Or, you can try some unique dishes like Grouper Laishley, a house specialty. But this is not everything Laishley Crab House has to offer. They also have a popular oyster bar and serve all kinds of sushi, including a vegetarian option.


The Captain’s Table

If you are one of those people who appreciate the atmosphere and the restaurant’s vibe as much as the food, then The Captains Table is the right restaurant for you. This restaurant is located right next to the sea and gives you the whole Punta Gorda experience. Eating delicious food at sunset with the ocean right next to you is enough to make you want to visit this gorgeous little city in Florida.

The restaurant is located in Fishermans Village, a luxurious resort in Punta Gorda. While its specialty is seafood, it also offers classic meat dishes like an Old Fashioned Burger, a Roast Beef Melt, or a Fillet Mignon. In Captains Table, you must try their Bourbon Salmon, Stuffed Lobster Tail, and Bronzed Hogfish. The lovely staff will make you feel welcome and assist you with everything. If you are traveling to Punta Gorda with a big group of friends, you can also book the Captain’s Table for a private dining event.


Carmelo’s Italian Ristorante

Punta Gorda is not all about seafood, even though the first two restaurants suggest so. There is also a place In Punta Gorda for some excellent Italian cuisine. Carmelo’s Italian Ristorante offers locals and visitors delicious pasta, risottos, and pizzas. Come and enjoy authentic Italian dishes in a warm atmosphere in one of the highest-rated restaurants in this part of Florida. There are traditional Sicilian pizzas, as well as all kinds of pasta and risotto.

Since this is Punta Gorda, there will naturally also be seafood dishes made in a traditional Italian style. And if you really want to have an unforgettable night, then you should visit Carmelo’s Italian Ristorante on Thursday nights. That’s because, on those nights, there is live music and outdoor dining, which you definitely shouldn’t miss. Just be quick to make your reservation, as it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Punta Gorda, especially in the summer.

There is some excellent Italian cuisine in Punta Gorda as well.

River City Grill – One of the best local eats in Punta Gorda

Now we move to downtown Punta Gorda to visit the River City Grill. This place is perfect for when you just want to eat delicious comfort food in a relaxed, chill atmosphere. Here are just some of the fantastic dishes on their menu:

  • The Classic New England Clam Chowder
  • Sweet and Sour Butterfish
  • Beer Battered Fish and Chips
  • Maddonini Chicken & Italian Sausage

All the food is made from fresh ingredients, which makes it extra delicious. Many satisfied customers praise the food, the excellent staff, and the warm atmosphere. It also offers a private dining option, where they can host up to 50 people.

A plate with a burger and fries.

Come to River City Grill for the warm atmosphere and great comfort food.

In conclusion

Punta Gorda is a lovely place with some excellent restaurants. And as you can see, it’s not just seafood. While restaurants like Captains Table and Laishley Crab House fulfill all your seafood desires, there is also some excellent Italian cuisine (Carmelo’s Italian Ristorante) in Punta Gorda and River City Grill, where you will get the best comfort food. Take this list of the best local eats in Punta Gorda the next time you visit so you don’t miss out on some delicious food.