When you decide to sell your house, there’s always a question – how to raise your home’s value and do well on the market? The buyers’ wishes decide the property’s value. Punta Gorda is a paradise for anglers, boaters, sun worshippers, and shoppers. So, that’s the focus population you want your home to appeal to. Stay tuned if you are wondering how to add value to your Punta Gorda home.

Look at the numbers first

The golden rule in real estate is – when in doubt, look at the numbers. If you don’t know where you would start, here are some home features and design trends that were proven worthy in Punta Gorda this spring.

  1. Main bathroom. This improvement is entirely worthy of your efforts, with a sale-to-list ratio of 104.3% in 1.4% of homes for sales.
  2. Ceramic floors. 3.3% of homes for sale have a 103.4% sale-to-list ratio in Punta Gorda with this improvement.
  3. Granite counters. They have a 102.4% sale-to-list ratio, and 3.2% of homes for sale have this improvement. It is something that definitely might add value to your home.
  4. High ceilings. This improvement also has a 102.4% sale-to-list ratio in Punta Gorda.
The Main Bathroom

According to statistics, upgrades such as making the main bathroom are highly profitable. 

Focus on function instead of aesthetics

If you want your investment to pay out at the resale time, you should prioritize functionality above superficial aesthetics and choose neutral tones over odd or unusually exotic ones. The value of an update can also be affected by factors such as personal preference and prevalent trends. But you want to appeal to the majority of the buyers. So, instead of setting inner creative muses loose when it comes to design, you should tone it down a bit. The attractiveness of unusual hues is relatively restricted and can distract from the actual function of the property. You can add a few art pieces, but too many items will not make the effect you want to make. Instead, make function your primary focus.

Bring your bathrooms and kitchen up to date

As you’ve seen on the list above, a bathroom upgrade is something definitely worth your while. Updating either kitchen or bathrooms in your house will result in a high return on investment. This is true regardless of the extent of the work that has to be done. These two spaces are two focal points of the residence that every family member uses. That will be important for your potential buyers too. Be sure to maintain a classic aesthetic in your updates and be aware of emerging styles.

An Upgraded Kitchen

Make your kitchen spotless if you want to attract the majority of buyers.

Maximize the amount of available space

The key to making a space appear more valuable is to:

  1. Make it seem more practical.
  2. Make it appear more prominent.

If you create more space visually, you’ll convince a buyer that this is the place to invest more money. You can convert an underutilized room into a more practical one, such as a spare bedroom into a home office or a basement into the ultimate hangout space. Also, installing an additional bathroom, renovating or expanding your kitchen or main bedroom suite, increasing the storage space in your closets, and so on are all great ways to improve your home.

Take care of storage

To make the space appear more extensive, you’ll need to declutter. It might be a good idea to consider renting storage space while moving. That way, you’ll have a secure place for all your stuff and more space at home to show off. Professional movers also suggest that this is the perfect way to keep all your excess things once you sell and start moving.

Increase the amount of light in each room

People that decide to move to Punta Gorda love the amount of natural light this place has to offer. Take that into consideration when making upgrades to your home. Neutralize the atmosphere of a room by painting it white or using light color paint instead. This will not only make the space look more sophisticated, but it will also increase the amount of light by reflection. Also, installing skylights, windows, or French doors might be beneficial. These features will look excellent and increase your home’s natural light.


A room with French Doors

Installing French doors will increase the amount of natural light and will make a room appear more spacious.

The appealing exterior will add value to your Punta Gorda home

Landscaping that has been recently updated can entice potential buyers even before they enter the house. Maintain a neat and groomed appearance of your lawn, trees, and plants. You may inject some color into the space by using colorful plants or by painting the entrance door a striking hue. Think of using a water feature or a flagstone path as your focus of interest. Also, since fishing and golf are a big part of entertainment in Punta Gorda, you can add some items that showcase that. It can be an instant point of bonding with a buyer – when a person falls in love with a house at first sight, a profitable sale is on the way.

Blend in the neighborhood

The stunning environment and lovely neighborhoods are often a reason people decide to move to Punta Gorda. That’s why you should avoid standing out too much with your exterior design from the neighborhood. Peaceful and composed are the looks you want to go for. This area attracts buyers with that kind of taste, and you should adjust if you want to make a profit.

Bottom line

You can do many little tricks and upgrades to add value to your Punta Gorda home. However, these are the most important ones that are proven to work in the past years. You can, of course, make your own variations of the upgrades. Use your imagination and play with the elements you have and can afford. Keep in mind the features and preferences of the buyers. Sculpt the upgrades according to that and your budget. Spend more imagination on it than money, and it will undoubtedly pay off.